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Perhaps you're a lover of literature or just love book chat of any kind; perhaps you're an aspiring author or illustrator; perhaps you're someone who hopes one day to work in publishing. If you fit any of these descriptions, this is one podcast you may want to subscribe to. In 2021, we'll be sharing our love of books and publishing throughout the year, starting with podcast episodes based on our new book How to Be an Author: The Business of Being a Writer in Australia by Georgia Richter and Deborah Hunn. Your hosts will be marketing and communications manager Claire Miller and publisher Georgia Richter, with guest appearances from editor Armelle Davies and Deborah Hunn, plus industry professionals Nada Backovic, Rowena Morcom, Leanne Hall, Jane Parkhill, Gavin Burbidge and Lesley Reece. Readers won't be left out either. Our exciting new hosts for 2021 will be the winner of the 2020 City of Fremantle Hungerford Award, Maria Papas, and an as yet unknown Fogarty Literary Award winner. They'll undertake extended interviews with many of our 2021 authors to find out more about their books, their lives and their writing habits. Stay tuned by subscribing and stay in touch @FremantlePress.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. How to be an Author: Fremantle Press unpacks the secret of selling books to booksellers

    By his calculations, Penguin Random House account manager Gavin Burbidge attempts to place 432 books into Australian bookstores per month. Across the publishing industry, that means your book will be competing against thousands of titles and your account manager’s pitch could be less than ten seconds long. For a deep ...


  2. Helen Milroy presents: Stellarphant creator James Foley discusses how he made the leap from day job to full-time author

    James Foley says the transition from a part-time day job to making a living from his craft was huge and he does not recommend any one quit their job, overnight, on a whim. It took James 14 years to get himself to the point of earning an income from his ...


  3. Helen Milroy presents: on the latest podcast, the insightful and joyful Jessica Walton talks about why every child needs a diverse bookshelf

    Jessica Walton, co-creator of the new graphic novel Stars in Their Eyes, says when young people become disabled or are born with a disability, they're often in a family of non-disabled people and don't always get connected to the disabled community soon enough. She’s passionate about all young people getting ...


  4. Helen Milroy presents: Gladys Milroy shows you’re never too old to write your story

    Born in 1927, Gladys Milroy was taken to the Parkerville Orphanage at two years old and spent the next 14 years separated from her mother, Daisy. Gladys say, ‘I think the thing is about growing up in an orphanage is that you live in a story all the time because ...


  5. The Fremantle Press podcast: Leanne Hall of Readings says networking can be a beautiful, natural and organic thing

    Leanne Hall joins us on the podcast! We are so pleased to have a bookseller chat to us. Leanne is an author of young adult and children's fiction and works as an online children’s and YA specialist at the independent bookshop Readings. Once you’ve listened to this podcast you’ll feel ...